Yesterday, a friend sent me an article about how James Franco is now teaching a class on James Franco…

Master Class: Editing James Franco… with James Franco, in which 12 lucky students will build a half-hour documentary about Franco, from footage provided by Franco, and under the occasional supervision of Franco.

This along with the news that Franco is putting out an album sometime later this year, has confirmed my belief that James Franco is the most interesting man in the world. This is neither good nor bad at the same time that it is both good and bad—yes, I am aware that doesn’t make sense but either does James Franco (lawyered!!)

To get a feel for the method to his madness, NY Magazine [source: instapaperstories] wrote a piece on him a while back. I don’t know if a method can be deduced from the interview as much as madness but take a look by clicking on James’ face :)